It’s been a long time coming but we’ve finally moved to the Upper East Side! Please come and visit us at our new place just across the park! 1220 3rd Avenue between 70th and 71st Streets. Our old location on the UWS is now closed. We will miss you UWS! Thank you for 84 years of support and friendship!

FAQ/Customer Service

Customer Service

Mattress, toppers, pillows, etc. are kind of like underwear and cannot be returned. All sales are final. No returns. Exchanges are done only under a manufacturer’s warranty.

In our 106 years (and counting) of business we have never offered a comfort exchange for a very simple reason – manufacturers do not take beds back from the retailers who sold them just because their customer thought it was too hard or too soft. Since none of us would want to sleep on a bed that someone else has slept on for 30 or 60 or 90 days, we don’t think our customers would want to either. (That and it’s just plain gross!) We make every effort to help our customers find the right bed for them and will spend as long as it takes to do so.

If a manufacturing defect is going to occur, it’s most likely to happen during the first year or two of normal home use. Usually after that, it tends to be normal wear and tear but hey, anything is possible. Examples of defect would be a spring popping through the top of the mattress (ouch!) or a sag of more then 3 inches* deep. (*Please note that each manufacturer has their own guidelines for what is considered a true sag so please refer to the specific warranty that came with your bed.) Normal wear and tear would be a body impression where you sleep every night or that hump (no, not that kind of hump, get your mind out of the gutter!) that happens in the middle of queen and king beds where nobody ever sleeps. Whatever the case, if you feel you have an issue with your bed or if you just want to say hi! call us! We are here to help!

If you have a two sided-flippable mattress, it should be turned/rotated (one move per time) at least every four months. The more you do it during the first year, the happier you will be. After the first year, four times a year is best. Alternating as follows making only one move at a time: 1- rotate from head to foot, 2- flip it like a pancake (no rotation here), 3 – rotate it from head to foot, 4 – flip it like a pancake (no rotation here), go back to step one again. This schedule should be done every two months during the first year of use and then every four months there after for the life of the bed. If you have a one sided non-flip mattress then is should just be rotated from head to foot once every four months. Of course, please always refer to the documentation that came with your mattress as this is a general guideline and not specific to any one mattress. Always use a mattress pad or barrier and keep liquids away from your bed.

In a word, yes! In a second word, congratulations! We deliver to the Hamptons, the Jersey Shore, Vermont, The Cape, Florida and anywhere else in the world that you might like to have a second, third or fourth home.

As much as they would love for us to send them to London, France or insert any other place on the globe to deliver a bed, much to their chagrin, they remain local. We do however, have a great source of tried and true delivery services that we use for our far away (across the country or across the globe) deliveries that we can arrange for in home, curbside or warehouse delivery with.

Our local and tristate area deliveries are generally made in our own vehicles and by our well trained and experienced delivery teams. All of our delivery men are employees of Long’s Bedding and some have been with us as long as 20 years! We will deliver and set up your new bed (sofabed, chair, headboard, ok really we will set up whatever you buy from us), wrap your old mattress in the plastic bag from the new one and take it down to the refuse area of your building or to the curb if it is a trash pick up day. We do not take away your old bed as we do not mix old and new on our trucks. (Whew! I’m so glad I just read that! I was worried about that!) We deliver Monday-Friday and some Saturdays by prior arrangement. You won’t have to sit home all day waiting for us to show up like the phone and cable companies make us all do. We generally require a 3 hour (of your choice) window for delivery (hey, we can’t control traffic though we really wish we could!) either in the morning or afternoon. We can also accommodate first or last stop requests upon availability.

Sometimes it’s nice to talk to a human being, rather then point and click, right? We are glad to take your order over the phone (212.873.1752) or by email. You just need access to email, a fax machine or scanner to sign and return the paperwork. We even accept orders via snail mail if that’s your preference.

We accept most forms of payment – MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Debit, cash or check. Sorry no bitcoins. We are not that hip and trendy.




So many questions, so little space! We are a 106 year old family owned and operated business. This is all we do. We offer an incomparable level of knowledge, hard to find/customizable products, and customer service that is unmatched by any other chain or department store. (If you’ve made it this far and are still reading, then go check out our history page for more details. It’s a great read!) None of our sales people are paid on commission and have no reason to push one bed over another. We all want to help you find the best bed for you rather then one that will give us a free microwave for selling 20 of them a month. In short, we price things fairly – we don’t build any extras (like commissions, finance fees, or advertising) into the prices of our merchandise. We believe in giving our customers the time and space it takes to make their decisions and hey, if you are a quick decision maker and want a bed delivered the same day or same week, we can do that too! We stock all of the beds we show and can deliver as soon or as far away as is needed.

Your grandparents may not have actually had to “walk to school and home from school uphill both ways in the snow” when they were kids, but they did actually sleep on a two sided mattress. Though they might be unimaginable to people today, they do actually still exist and we feature the larges selection of two sided mattresses to choose from at all price points. Yay! Why not get twice the bed for the same price??

Oh how we wish there was! Wouldn’t it be a great pick up line in a bar? “Hey, what level bed are you?” ….err ok, maybe not, but it would be helpful to us! The reality is, mattress shopping and comfort levels are not only subjective to the user, but very personal as well. A mattress is going to feel differently to every different person trying it, as well as to each person in the factories slapping that label on it, so no, there is no standardized scale of comfort levels for beds. Somethings are easy to buy online, a mattress isn’t one of them so stop in, lie down and try a bed or two!

There are no standards in terms of mattress thickness. Average thicknesses range anywhere from 12”-18”. We have a special line of mattresses that are made thinner without sacrificing quality or comfort. Those range from 7”-11”. If you need an even thinner mattress then 7” we can custom order it for you.

What a coincidence, we do too! With the exception of our beds from Relyon which are imported from the UK, (Hey, who can resist a British accent??) all of our beds are manufactured in the United States by long established American companies. Many of them are family owned and operated like us!

Regular metal bed frames offer just under 8” of cramable storage space. The bigger the bed size, the more you can jam in there! If that’s not enough we offer bed risers which offer another 5” of clearance.

We offer a couple of solutions to this issue. Most simple way is to lower the bed frame. We have metal frames that are as low as 3” from the ground and if that’s too low, the next height is just under 5”. Need to tweak it a bit more? Add in a low profile box spring which are generally either about 2” or 5.5” depending upon the vendor. They can also be made to custom heights.

Just like our customers, we value businesses that are family owned and operated. We search the industry for more boutique lines of bedding that offer both quality and value in their products. Just because a name is recognizable, doesn’t mean it’s any good. It just means the marketing team has done their job. Many of the mattress brands we carry are third or fourth generation family run just like us. The owners are at the plants everyday overseeing production and designing new products based on generations of knowledge. They are not run by investors that in our opinion, don’t know the first thing about making a quality mattress like the “S” brands are these days.

Generally speaking no. The number of coils on its own won’t tell you very much about a mattress nor will it tell you how it feels when you lie down on it. There are many different inner spring unit designs all of which will have a different amount of coils in them. What is important is the overall amount of steel in the innerspring unit – thicker steel with more turns to the coil is a far superior unit as compared to an inner spring unit comprised of 6000 coils which are essentially made out of paperclips. Not that we have anything against paperclips. We don’t, in fact we find paper clips very handy for keeping papers together! Simply put coil count on it’s own isn’t a very important fact.

Natural latex is made from the sap of a rubber tree while Visco/Memory foam is made from petroleum byproducts and other chemicals in a lab. The best real latex is 98% pure tree sap with the other 2% being binders (usually a proprietary blend) to solidify it and hold it together. While Jumbo Shrimp are real and truly both “Jumbo” and” Shrimp” at the same time, there is no such thing as “Natural Synthetic Latex”. It’s either natural or synthetic, not both at the same time. True latex foam does not effect body temperature and does not retain or reflect heat back to the sleeper. It has an immediate response time and comes back to “flat” the moment the person in it rolls from one place to another. Visco foam is the exact opposite as it both retains and reflects heat back to the sleeper and has a much slower response time – think quick sand.

Ugh. Why would you want to buy a mattress that has so little in it that it can be shrink wrapped to almost an eighth of its original thickness, rolled up and squeezed into a tiny box? Your back deserves better then that! The ones you see all over the internet claim to be “high end” and “natural” but don’t let the come on fool you. Companies that tell their customers to “donate” or “dispose of” the bed after their six month in home trial, can’t possibly put much quality, value and expense into the mattress if they are willing to refund the full purchase price and not have the mattress back. We are not rocket scientists here, but we do know a thing or two about mattresses and retail and that business model just doesn’t add up.

Well that all depends on what you buy. Different quality mattresses are made with different normal life spans. Generally speaking, even the finest quality mattresses should be replaced every ten or so years. It’s not to say that the mattress will implode on day number 3,650 or 5,476. It won’t, in fact it’s the kind of thing that sort of just sneaks up on you like birthdays, wrinkles or grey hair. One day you stay at a friends place or a hotel (which oddly enough are never known for their good beds so there’s some irony for you) and you realize that you slept better away from home then you do in your own bed. That’s when you know it’s time and that you should come and see us.

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