It’s been a long time coming but we’ve finally moved to the Upper East Side! Please come and visit us at our new place just across the park! 1220 3rd Avenue between 70th and 71st Streets. Our old location on the UWS is now closed. We will miss you UWS! Thank you for 84 years of support and friendship!


Here’s what they’re saying on Yelp

Sydney A. / New York, NY
My boyfriend and I had such a great experience buying a mattress here! Bob and Judie are so lovely and personable and took the time to find out in detail what exactly we had and what exactly we were looking for. We found a bed we liked in about 15 minutes for a great sale price for the set and added on some pillows. We honestly can’t wait to sleep on it, and according to Bob, it’s gonna happen within a few days! Truly no hassle and as everyone else here has said, the family business experience can’t be beat. They’re clearly passionate about what they do and enjoy having a rapport with their customers. Their celebrity wall is also not to be believed! So fun! I grew up in a family business in SF and could not be happier being able to support another family business-it’s so important to!!

Laura W. / New York, NY
I am writing a LONG overdue (no pun intended) review of Long’s Bedding. Like most, I was  suckered into the zillion-dollar advertising campaigns from one of those all-too-familiar “chain” stores throughout the years. When a friend recommended Long’s to me, I decided to give them a try. Long story short (pun maybe intended this time), I will never shop anywhere else again for my mattress/bedding needs! My husband and I absolutely adore our new mattress and our children adore theirs as well. The prices are extremely reasonable and there is a range to fit everyone’s budget. The quality is exceptional, so we probably won’t need any new mattresses any time soon, but if you are in the market for new bedding, head straight to Long’s!!!!

Peter K. / New York, NY
My wife and I LOVE our new bed and had a great experience shopping at Long’s. Their customer service is excellent.  Terri is wonderful, patient, and a pleasure to work with.  I enthusiastically recommend Long’s to everyone.

Lisa O. / New York, NY
I received a crib mattress from Long’s Bedding as a gift for my newborn.  He loves it so much, and has been sleeping through the night since practically the first night we moved him from the bassinet into the crib!  Each night we notice how comfy and soft the crib looks and we want to jump right in with him.  Last weekend, we went out of town and the poor kid had a very difficult time sleeping in a portable crib with a very thin mattress.  When we came back home he literally rubbed his face back and forth with delight, falling peacefully to sleep.  We couldn’t be happier with this mattress.  Thank you Long’s!!

Susie Q. / New York, NY
After a nightmare experience with Macy’s where the delivery guy left with my mattress because he thought the service elevator was taking too long and cursed out my building staff, hours on hold with various customer service reps and then they failed to deliver the next day as promised, Long’s was a breath of fresh air. Ethan was informative and made recommendations without being pushy, and they completely came through in delivering a bed by noon that I had just purchased the night before at 7pm. Super smooth transaction and experience.

John D. / Brooklyn, NY
After being jerked around by one of the big furniture stores and having to take multiple mattresses back to them (and beg them for a refund), I went to Long’s on the recommendation of a friend. The salesperson, Bob, was very patient with me and quite helpful and knowledgeable about how the bedding industry has changed. I never felt pressured into doing anything and when I finally made a choice on an organic mattress, i felt comfortable I was making the right choice.  Well, I’ve had the mattress for a couple of days and all I can say is I’m more than satisfied.   Their prices are very reasonable (I think my mattress was at least $800 below MSRP) and they know what they’re doing.  When you go in, you see all these celebrities that have bought mattresses from them.  Just because a celebrity buys something, that of course does not mean you should too, but it does speak to their level of service that people who can really buy from anywhere choose to buy from Longs.   I would recommend this store to anyone.

Brian N. / Villanova, PA
My family has been buying beds from Longs Bedding in Manhattan since I was a child. Over the years we have collectively bought more than a dozen beds.  Each time the service has been excellent; the prices have been competitive; and the beds have been very comfortable. I would highly recommend Long’s Bedding if you need a mattress, a bed set, a sleep sofa, or even bedding accessories.

Adam P. / New York, NY
Awesome place to buy your bedding. The unique attention to individual needs and knowledge of offerings and time spent in choosing bedding is unbelievable.  Customer service after purchase is second to none. Follow up to detail and consumer satisfaction were off the charts. And I love my mattress. I wouldn’t buy a bed anywhere else!

Judith D. / New York, NY
It rarely happens when I review a store or service that I declare that to use any other would be an error of judgment — that’s how much I like and respect Longs. Here are the bedding store-related virtues they demonstrate: they offer a range of superior stock, they know their stock absolutely, they believe in full disclosure, they are uniformly intelligent and well-informed, they are briskly attentive, and miracle of miracles, they are kind and compassionate. Buying a bed or a mattress is a big deal, not something you do very often, and they understand this and help you through in the lest pushy way. I needed customer service, the day after my purchase, a big uncertainty about my box spring, and their response was the fastest and most thorough imaginable, so the period I had from maximum anxiety to no anxiety at all lasted about twelve minutes. You can’t do better than that.

Carol J. / Midtown West, New York, NY
I have never had a more positive experience buying a mattress.  Everyone I dealt with at Long’s was extremely knowledgeable, courteous and incredibly helpful.  What I especially appreciated was the honesty of every person working there. I wanted to purchase an additional item for my mattress and was talked out of it.  I can’t say enough good things about Long’s.  It’s a family business for several generations and everyone is proud of that fact!

Stacey T. / New York, NY
My husband and I were in last weekend for a new mattress. We had a great experience and I love that this is a family-owned store. So many small business have closed on the UWS and we do all we can to support the ones that remain. The employees are helpful, honest and will give a fair price. Very friendly and lots of selection.

Mitchell M. / New York, NY
I had a very positive experience at Long’s, where I bought my current mattress 1 1/2 years ago. It’s super comfortable and it was easy to purchase.

My salesman, not a member of the Long family, listened to what I needed and then gave me several mattresses to choose from. (Lying down on mattresses in a store is weird, btw, but you only do it a few times in your life). I took as much time as I needed and then narrowed it down to two; I was about to pick the firmer one, but he wisely advised me to take the one that my body liked better, so I went with the slightly softer model and have no regrets. It’s one of the smaller brands, Thereapedic, and a traditional innerspring model, which is what I wanted. They did offer me memory foam, but I like the feel of the old kind better.

The mattress was delivered on time, and it’s very comfortable, I sleep much better now than I did on its predecessor.

The store is very old-fashioned, which is fine with me. I like buying from a neighborhood, family-run store, and I have the feeling that if I should need to avail myself of the guarantee, I’ll be able to get it.

Emily M. / New York, NY
After leaving Sleepy’s because of their insanely high prices, I discovered Long’s and am glad I did. I found a mattress that is just as comfortable (if not more) for only half the price. Service was good and delivery was quick. Overall, much better than the chain stores, and a great opportunity to support local UWS business.

Maggie T. / New York, NY
The store isn’t fancy but the mattresses are good and the prices are reasonable.  So much better than Sleepys or Macy’s who let you return mattresses (gross bed bugs or worse). Plus II love supporting a local business. I would travel up there again if I needed another mattress.

CeCe S. / New York, NY
Nice people, knowledgeable, not trying to railroad you into an overpriced purchase. Excellent customer service.

Greg S. / New York, NY
There’s something about dealing with the owner of a company that reassures me – especially when it’s a company that has been a success in their field for generations.  I arrived at Long’s bedding after a long fought and hard won battle against a close by competitor regarding a faulty product I purchased earlier in the year.  I walked into Long’s and was carefully and thoroughly shown a huge array of mattress types.  Judie Long listened carefully to everything I said, discussed the options / pros/ cons of all the units I tried,  and gave me a real education on the subject.  In short I left the store having purchased a handcrafted mattress made by Aireloom that has changed my life.  Yes, it was an expensive purchase (three times the price of terrible mattress I was sold by Sleepy’s) But am completely thrilled with my purchase from Long’s. .  Don’t take a mattress purchase lightly – you spend 1/3 of your life on it.  We would think nothing of spending that amount on a television – why should we expect to get a quality mattress for peanuts?  The quality most people want in a mattress is not going to be found for dime store prices, so be prepared to get out your wallet.  I spent 3K on my new mattress, and I’m thrilled.   Don’t go to Longs looking for a slick salesman to give you a high pressure sales pitch, then slash 30% of the listed price of a unit.  Long’s is a traditional store.  They give you the right mattress at a fair price and back their product.  They are mattress professionals.  I will never buy a mattress anywhere else, and I have several friends who I’ve sent to them.

Christ B. / Woodhaven, NY
Without a doubt this was the best experience I have ever had buying a bed and pillows to match.  Highly experienced and friendly staff helped my wife and I pick out the perfect mattress and pillows.  Quality products at very reasonable prices.  I will never buy from another dealer again, Long’s is now our place to go for all our bedding needs.

Pamela M. / San Francisco, CA
No wonder this firm has been in business for 104 years. I got careful attention when I was seeking a new mattress, and delivery and setup took place exactly in the window scheduled by people who knew what they were doing. Very happy.

Nancy F. / New York, NY
Bob Long himself helped us purchase our beautiful sofa bed couch.
Delivery people were top notch under the direction of Big Ed. Truly happy with the service and product and glad to support a neighborhood business.

Iris Z.F. / New York, NY
It is a pleasure to do business with Long’s Bedding!

Patricia F. / New York, NY
I purchased a custom-sized mattress and couldn’t be happier. The salesman was helpful, informative, and patient. Everything went smoothly, including delivery when promised, and I am delighted with my new mattress. I highly recommend Long’s Bedding.

Michael W. / San Francisco, CA
I needed a bed. When I needed a car, I wanted to be aware of what i was looking at.
Most diamond rings in a window tend to look the same. Get it ?

At Long’s Bedding on the UWS I got the explanation, education, demonstration, comparisons, advice, service, delivery, set-up, take-down, and follow-up.
This support comes from the family whose consistent staff have been welcoming new “lookers”with back and stress issues to greeting  satisfied repeat buyers and their families for generations.

It’s nice to do business with this local retailer. They’ve been delivering a Long’s night’s sleep since 1911.

Andrea P. / New York, NY
I recently purchased a mattress and box-spring from Long’s after extensive research on-line and at various other bedding stores and department stores.  I found the process very frustrating as it was often difficult to discern whether sales people were puffing or were knowledgeable.  I discovered deceptive pricing nearly everywhere.  There were always 2 prices, the “regular” and “sale” price.  I discovered that none of these stores had ever sold a bed at the “regular” price.  The “regular” price was usually several thousand dollars higher than what the everyday price (the so-called “sale” price) ie, a time-limited bargain was offered.  My experience at Long’s was completely different.  Their salespeople do not work on commission, there is one price per mattress, and salespeople are all true veterans in the business.  They are all honest, patient and helpful.  I also appreciated that they do not take mattresses back, which gave me assurance that I would not be getting someone else’s trial, rescinded purchase.

George S. / New York, NY
The family business experience can’t be beat. The sales people here aren’t just doing some job their not interested in, they have years of experience and are incredibly knowledgable. Beyond great customer service: they make you feel really secure in the purchasing decision you’re making. Great prices and they deliver immediately. Boom! I was getting a great night’s sleep.

Jennifer A. / Morristown, NJ
I used Long Beddings to purchase beds for my weekend house.  I went into the showroom and they had a wide variety of beds to choose from!  The salesperson was very knowledgeable and understood my needs and directed me towards the beds I was interested in.  My weekend house is in NJ.  There was no issue with the delivery and the delivery personnel were super friendly and on time!  The pricing was more than fair and the beds are awesome!  It was such a great experience, I decided to purchase new beds for my primary home in NY.  One of the beds I only purchased a mattress as the new bed frame I had purchased I thought I only needed a mattress and not the box spring.  When the bed frame came, I realized, I did need the box spring.  I called Long’s Bedding and they had a box spring delivered the next day!!! You can’t beat that!!!!  I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my mattresses.  They are extremely professional and customer service oriented.  I highly recommend them.

Joanne J. / San Francisco, CA
I desperately needed a new mattress and I was uncomfortable about going to one of the chains. A friend of mine who only bought her mattresses from Long’s recommended it to me. I can’t begin to say how happy I am with my new mattress. The salesman was lovely and no pressure. When I settled on a mattress he asked when I wanted it delivered; we settled on a day and a time; and that’s when it arrived. Two gentlemen schlepped it up two flights of steps; put the plastic it came in on my old mattress and carted that one down to the garbage disposal area outside my building. I am finally sleeping again.  I can’t recommend Long’s highly enough.

Edward M. / New York, NY
I have bought mattresses from the Long family for years    Excellent advice.   Good value.  Professional

Peter W. / New York, NY
Is this why folks move to the Upper West Side?!
This family-owned store (since forever) sells good sleep..not dubious, hard-sell discounts. We just replaced our king-sized mattress and box springs from a similar unit bought at Long’s 11 years ago. You phone them..and Ethan Lajoie or Bob Long will give you details and prices over the phone.We then walked into the store, lay down on the extra firm we’d previously bought..decided “yes”, bought, and were on our way in 15 minutes. The delivery team ( with the proper insurance papers for our coop) arrived on time with a smile..damaged nothing..and also discovered our frame was broken. They had one in their truck, which we purchased on the spot. Our first night on the new unit last night was a real dream!! (forgive the pun).
For quality advice and products to match, this is the place to go!

Kachina M. / New York, NY
I love this place!!! I’ve been buying from them for years. This is the only place I trust to buy a mattress. Terri Long is incredible and offers comprehensive service all the way from the mattress itself to the delivery, to headboards: I just got the most amazing custom upholstered bed from her.  I always know I’m getting the fairest price for what is always a high-end quality bed. It’s been great to know I am in good hands and will get exactly what I need. I’ve never been disappointed!!

John W. / New York, NY
I have been dealing with Longs bedding for over 20 years and they are outstanding! i send all my clients there when ever they need a mattress and Terri always makes it her business to give the customer exactly what they need . Overall Longs bedding is a great family business and a pleasure to deal with.

Judy C. / New York, NY
I bought a bed about nine years ago from Long’s Bedding after a bad experience with another bedding company.  I went home & called my Mother who was an Interior designer and she said, we will go to Long’s Bedding.  I loved my new bed and the experience at Long’s Bedding was a much better experience so when it was time for a new bed I went back to Long’s Bedding.  Bob Long took care of us both times & again, I love my new bed.  The Delivery Men were GREAT as well.

NYS / New York, NY
The best mattress store in the city. The sign in the window (best mattress store in the universe) doesn’t lie!  Great pricing, super knowledgeable sales help and not pushy at all. We were looking for a couple of beds and they had a great selection and all price points. The 4th generation family owned mattress store is a gem. I hope it carries on for another 100 years.

Allison V. / New York, NY
I only wish I had gone to Long’s Bedding sooner! Terri helped me and my husband pick a comfortable mattress within our budget. (I didn’t realize just how lousy our old mattress was until we got this new one.) She knows her stuff and won’t pressure you to buy. The selection is great and delivery is fast. Thank you Long’s Bedding!

Jeff S. / New York, NY
Long’s is the only place I will ever buy a mattress or box spring again….even if I move to another state!  I purchased an Aireloom brand set after receiving unsurpassed customer service from the owner of the store.  I learned things that helped me be an informed customer, and after spending about 90 minute discussing the types of mattresses and trying at least 15 sets I chose the Aireloom product and am completely delighted with my new bedding and the entire experience.  Retailers like Long’s are an oasis in this world of mass marketing and big box stores.  There is no other store in NY that is quite like them.

Kim S. / New York, NY
I bought a mattress from Long’s for my daughter last week.  The sales team was so patient and kind as my daughter jumped from bed to bed!  They gave me a great price and promptly delivered the mattress in the short time frame I requested.  When it arrived, the box spring was too high for the platform of the bed and the delivery guys could not have been nicer.  They took the box spring back and returned an hour later with a bunky board which worked out perfectly.  Did not charge me any extra.  It was a great purchasing experience overall.  Cannot say enough good things about this lovely family owned business.

Juniper P. / Branford, CT
Longs’s Bedding came highly recommended by a family member.  The inventory selection is among the best anywhere and pricing is very fair.  Bob Long is a true “sleep” professional and provided excellent non-pushy service.  He helped me find the perfect bed.  Delivery was made exactly when promised by well-trained and exceptionally careful people.  If you’re in the market for a new bed, visit Long’s!!

Randi M. / Bellmore, NY
I recently purchased a mattress for my four year old and for the first time in four years, he woke up later than his older brother. That is priceless.
This is our third mattress from Long’s.  Service is always exceptional and delivery on time.  It is always a pleasure doing business with the Long family.

Norton M. / New York, NY
I bought a sofa bed and mattress from Long’s some years ago, bought another mattress nine years ago, bought my grandson a mattress and have today purchased a new mechanism and new mattress for my sofa bed. Obviously, I like the store. The quality of what I have purchased is excellent, and the service is superb. I understand that the cost is not cheap, but I am willing to pay a decent price for Long’s top quality items.

Steve L. / New York, NY
Just purchased terrific new gel mattress. Good service, no hard sell. On time delivery. I couldn’t be happier

M.L. / New York, NY
I’ve been buying my beds from Long’s for as long as I can remember as well as my entire family.  I think some of the negative reviews here are off base.  If one is going to base their own opinions of a mattress on what they read off of and the fact that they may not have heard of a specific brand of mattress prior to walking in the store then I give zero credence to that persons opinion.

I think Long’s is a store uniquely of the upper west side.  Is it fancy?  Not at all but give me quality products (at any price point), helpful (not overbearing) and knowledgeable salespeople of glamor any day.

There is nowhere else I would buy a bed from.

Jan D. / New York, NY
They are experts on all kinds of mattresses.
I have bought several sizes from them over a period of years. Each set is of great quality, holds up very well, and was delivered on time.
I am very pleased with their knowledge, quality, quick service and of course their comfy mattresses.

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